Dick's Sporting Goods 
A video for the holiday campaign about Dick's Sporting Goods' products, bringing them to life with TikTok Choreography.
I was involved by the guys from Rocketpanda who asked me to give my contribution with the typography animation and transitions.
Client: Dick’s Sporting Goods
Agency: Anomaly
Directed by: Aggressive
Production: Aggressive 
Creative Directors: Salman Sajun, Dan Shapiro, Alex Topaller
Exec. Producer: Alex Aab
Supercut Editor: Jason Yantz
2d Animation Direction, Compositing: Riccardo Albertini 
2d Animation: Bojan Milinkovic 
Design: Marco Goran Romano
Post Producer: Dustin Pownall 
Production Coordinator: Won Cha
Sound Design: Wesley Slover
Animation Director: Heston L'Abbé 
Stop Motion Producer: Hussain Alladin 
Associate Producer: Catherine Chebeia 
Stop-Motion Lead Animator: Anna Berezowsky 
Stop-Motion Animators: Laura Venditti, Laura Stewart 

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